10 Valentine’s Day Teaching Resources

Valentine’s Day can be a memorable experience for your kids. Be sure to make it FUN!

Valentine’s Day is here, and that is why we are bringing you 10 Valentine’s Day Teaching Resources for you to use with your kids! We all love the candy, parties, and sweet little Valentine’s cards that are passed around. I guess some of you find it a great excuse to wear pink for two weeks straight! I still love the idea of making old-school brown paper bag mailboxes and taping them to the front of each child’s desk. Some of you may have upgraded to using file folders, but those just don’t make the same crinkly sounds that the brown bags make. To help you celebrate V-Day, we are here to give you 10 Valentine’s Day Teaching Resources for you to use in your classroom.

We will provide you with links to our favorite Valentine’s Day teaching resources, including worksheets, activity centers, flash cards, coloring pages, and more. Also, if you want to be prepared for every major holiday, be sure to Sign up for a Membership to get resources for all the major holidays.

10 Valentine’s Day Teaching Resources

1. Dear Valentine – Valentine’s Day Cards Activity
Practice spelling and writing the names of family and people by writing them a card for Valentine’s Day! Choose a word card and write a Valentine to that person. Words include: family members, friends, and people that work in your school building. There are blank word cards provided to customize words and names to fit your needs! Valentine's Day Cards

2. Valentine’s Day Desk Name Tags

Valentine’s Day Desk Name Tags: Make your desks colorful and fun!

3. Valentine’s Day Flash Cards

Valentine’s Day Flash Cards Word List: Heart, Cupid, Red, Pink, White, Arrow, Candy, Card, Teddy Bear, Friends, Love, Flowers, Chocolate, February, Dinner, Dove, Hug, Kiss, Rose, Gift, Balloons, Bouquet, Mom, Dad.

4. Valentine’s Day Mini Pack

This Valentine’s Day Theme Mini-Pack Download includes 10 Valentine’s Day Worksheets and 2 Valentine’s Day Activities perfect for your classroom.

5. Candy Hearts Skip Counting ActivityCandy Hearts Skip Counting Activity

Candy Hearts Skip Counting Activity: Practice skip counting by 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s with this Candy Hearts activity. Use the candy hearts to put numbers in order by skip counting. After you put the numbers in order, complete one of the worksheets provided. 2’s: 2-100, 5’s: 5-150, and 10’s: 10-200.

6. Valentine’s Day Reading Comprehension Story

Use the information in the Valentine’s Day reading comprehension story to answer the 5 reading comprehension questions. Answer Key Is Included. (Note: This is a 2nd Grade level, but can also be used for grades 1-3.)

7. Valentine’s Day ABC Order Worksheet

An alphabetical order sorting worksheet with a Valentine’s Day theme. Vocabulary words include: hearts, love, candy, friend, cupid, chocolate, cards, hug, red, pink.

8. Sweetheart Sentences ActivitySweetheart Sentences Activity

Practice reading and identifying sentence types with this Sweetheart Sentences activity. Cut apart the sentence cards and the four sentence candy boxes. Sentences with and without punctuation are provided for differentiation as needed. Read the sentence, determine what type of sentence it is and place it on the correct box of candy. After sorting the sentences, check your answers and complete the worksheet provided.

9. Valentine’s Day Hearth Graphing Worksheet

Make a bar graph about colored candy hearts to practice your math skills in a Valentine’s Day themed way!

10. Valentine’s Day Coloring Pages

Oh yeah, you can’t forget the Valentine’s Day Coloring! You can also use these for extension activities, such as having your students color the picture, then write and story on the back. Or, color the Valentine’s Day picture, then write on the back as many vocabulary words as you can create!

Your kids are going to love these Valentine’s Day Teaching Resources!

WAIT…There is more!

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