Do you feel like you spend too much time planning…and not enough time teaching? Your kids deserve more than that! It’s time to get back to teaching!

When I first started teaching, there was this excitement and passion…a feeling that nothing was going to hold me back. I was fresh out of college and had all these amazing ideas and ways to impact my students. Everything just seemed fresh and new. After a couple years, something happened and it all transformed into more paperwork, more planning, more testing, and less teaching. I was suffering, and so were my students. After several years of careful consideration and thoughtfulness, we decided to create a solution for other teachers who are feeling this same sense of teacher burn-out. We call it Access!

What Is Access?

Have Fun Teaching Access is a monthly subscription that gives you Monday-Friday teaching resources that are Ready-To-Use and Common Core Aligned for every weekday of the year. We now provide Access for K-5 teachers. We have done all the work for you by carefully crafting a year’s worth of grade level resources, including worksheets, activity centers, songs, videos, and even Common Core worksheets, activities, and assessments into easy-to-use Monday-Friday folders for each week of the year.

How Do I Get Back To Teaching?

When you sign up for Access, you will have Members-Only access to high quality teaching materials, lesson plans, worksheets, activities, songs, videos, assessments, holiday themed lessons, and Common Core materials every day so that you can spend less time planning and preparing, and more time teaching. Just login to your Have Fun Teaching account each weekend to download all of your new teaching resources for the upcoming week! Sound too good to be true? Now you can get back to teaching! Learn More…