With many teachers starting school after Labor Day, Back to School season is still upon us. That first day of school can be nerve wracking. What can we do to help the children get to know each other? How can we establish a set of classroom rules that still make learning fun? Will my bulletin board draw attention to my students? Because we are receiving a fresh new set of students, there is a lot to take into consideration on that first day of school. Here are a few resources and tips that will get you through that first day.

Resources and Advice for the First Day of School

First Day of School Icebreaker

Back to School Icebreaker Worksheet

On the first day of school, you have the opportunity to allow the students to meet with and interact with their peers. Some of these students have never met before, while others may have been friends for years. Allowing time to “break the ice” amongst their fellow classmates could provide students an opportunity to build friendships and make school more fun. Our Back to School Icebreaker Worksheet is a fun way to do just that. Print out this colorful worksheet and allow your students to roam the classroom for an allotted amount of time while finding someone who fits the description of each square. Once every square is signed or initialed, your students will have met at least a couple of new friends and have learned more about those they already knew!



First Day of School Bulletin Boards

Decorating bulletin boards seems like a difficult job sometimes. Because you don’t know much about your students on the first day of school, finding something that your students relate to is nearly impossible. By using our Bulletin Board Ideas cut outs, you can do so many things to your board on that first day. Use our Chores clip art to let your students know what fun chore they have that first week or month of school. The Birthday clip art would be a great way to acknowledge the birthdays in your classroom. Our fun Alphabet clip art can provide opportunities for letter recognition, and you can have the names of each student under their corresponding letter. There are so many fun options!

First Day of School Classroom Rules

cool tools for school rules back to school activity

Following rules doesn’t have to be dull and boring. In fact, it can actually be fun and rewarding! Managing your classroom from day one can establish a great foundation in your management throughout the year. Our Cool Tools for School Rules is a fun activity your students will love to participate in on the first day of school. This activity establishes general classroom rules in a positive way. Rather than telling the students they can’t do something, they are provided with posters and minibooks saying “I Can”. The “Caught Being Good” certificates are also great incentives for following the rules!



If you are still preparing for that first day of school, we highly encourage you to “Heart” these resources and save them for that first day. Your students will love you from the start and your first day will be more fun and less stress! We look forward to hearing how the first day of school goes for all of our teachers and how awesome of a job you do. Always remember to smile and Have Fun Teaching!