There are a lot of great jobs out there today. Many professions make positive impacts within their communities. Police officers, firemen, and doctors help to protect their community and keep people safe. Software architects help make sure our technology is running smoothly. Lawyers seek out to ensure justice is provided in a legal manner. All of these jobs are great, but none of them would be possible without the influence of teachers.

Teachers play one of the greatest influences in society. Because of their hard work and commitment, they are creating the future careers listed above. Each teacher that a child comes into contact with shapes a little more of their future. This is why you, as a teacher, have the best job you could have!

Why Teachers Have the Best Job in the World

Teachers are the Best!

In order to help shape society and create our future doctors and lawyers, you have to find enjoyment in your job. Without a job you love, it’s hard to come to work eager to shape the minds of young children. Here are some reasons you as teachers love your job, thus making your job the best one out there!

Building Relationships

As a teacher, you come into contact with a lot of different people–children, parents, fellow teachers, etc. The relationships you build with each of these people help you better yourself as a teacher, and helps keep a smile on your face while you’re teaching!  A relationship with your students’ parents helps you to better serve your children. Building relationships with your children helps you to better meet their needs and serve a purpose in your profession. Relationships all around help you to enjoy your job more, AND is another reason your job is so fantastic.

“It’s all about relationship- with kids, parents, and colleagues!” – Robin E.

Lightbulb Moments

It’s no secret that one of the most rewarding parts of a teacher’s job is the lightbulb moment. When a child has been working so hard toward a specific goal, and they finally get it, it feels good for both the child and the teacher. These moments are moments you treasure year-round and make teaching more fun. The hard work that you put toward each lightbulb moment is just another reason you have the best job out there.

“The look on my student’s face when the student finally understands a concept that was so hard for them. This is the most rewarding thing to me as a teacher!” – Cheryl C.

To the Classroom, and Beyond!

As a teacher, you get the opportunity to watch as your previous students grow up. Watching as the little one you once taught to tie shoes or how to write their name grow into their profession and make big life choices is an extremely rewarding feeling. The time and effort you spent on these students inside and outside of the classroom has helped them to become successful adults. That is something to celebrate!

“I have been at the teaching game for 25 years. My favorite thing now days is running into my former “babies” and catching up. They will always be my children and now I am meeting their children in the classroom and hallways.” – Kathryn T.

Positive Learning Environments

Many teachers love their jobs because of the feeling that they are providing a positive environment for their students. Many children, though young, go through a lot in their early years. They rely on their teachers to provide a safe haven for them during the day. As teachers, you have that opportunity by making sure the needs of each student is met, while also providing learning experiences that stick out to them. Providing positive learning environments helps make your job fun, children eager to learn, and is just another example of why you have the best job ever! Our online trainings will help you create the positive learning environment your students need.


The professions that are shaping our society and changing lives are all possible because of you. When you feel down about something that didn’t go your way, remember that you are making a difference in the lives of each child in your classroom. You are doing great things. You rock! We hope that you continue to Have Fun Teaching!


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