Teachers Helping Teachers

Teaching should be a community, where teachers help teachers!

It’s your first day teaching at your new school. From day one, you pick up a negative vibe from a few of your co-workers. Rather than address the issues, you and your co-workers distance yourselves from each other. Because of the conflict, tension builds between you and your fellow staff, and your students begin to pick up on it. Students struggle to respect you and the other teachers. They begin to argue amongst themselves, and they find it difficult to do well in class.


In addition to teaching core standards, teachers are provided the role of guiding children in their relationships. When educators struggle to interact positively amongst themselves, it is nearly impossible for them to help children interact positively with their peers. In order for a teacher to be successful at their job, they need to figure out how to build positive relationships with their co-workers.

Building Relationships with Other Teachers

Whether you’re a new teacher or a veteran teacher, you will have problems present themselves in your career. Having negative relationships with your fellow colleagues will only make these problems worse. Teaching should be done as a community, where teachers help each other. When you are having a problem in your classroom, find a mentor teacher that can talk you through it. If life has thrown you difficult circumstances, find a teacher that will allow you to talk to them before class starts. By building these relationships with your co-workers, you prevent the risk of you having a meltdown of sorts in front of your children.

If you started off your new year with your co-workers in a negative fashion, find ways to turn things around. Just as you should understand each child in your classroom, you should understand the actions of your fellow teachers as well. Maybe the negative vibe you picked up from a new co-worker was because of the bad week they just had. You never know where someone is coming from until you take it upon yourself to get to know them a little better. Learning to respect and understand fellow co-workers can make you a better teacher. 

The More We Work Together…

Teaching is more fun and less stressful when teachers are able to work together. When creating lesson plans, you should be able to go to a fellow teacher for suggestions. When you are unsure how to handle a misbehavior, a co-worker should be able to provide advice. The teachers down your hallways are there not only for the students in their classrooms, but for you as well. Utilize your fellow educators as a resource to you.  Find a teacher you can mentor as well as a teacher who mentors you, and you will find yourself feeling better about your job. Whether you are entering your first classroom or your twentieth, having someone by your side makes your job less stressful and allows you to Have Fun Teaching!


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