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Classrooms are empty, but teachers and parents are using distance learning to engage students!

In the wake of a global pandemic, teachers everywhere are mourning as their classrooms sit empty and quiet. Within the last couple of weeks, school districts made quick decisions to close schools in hopes of preventing the spread of COVID-19 among staff and students. Thousands of teachers were given little to no warning that they would not have the chance to enter their classrooms again for the unseeable future.

When will teachers and students go back to school?

Some districts planned to close for only one to two weeks; as the spread of the virus grew, teachers received emails lengthening their time away from their students, some states even closing brick and mortar schools for the remainder of the year. So many teachers were given no chance to grab essential items from their classrooms and are not allowed the opportunity to re-enter the school building until further notice.

What are we to do in this time? Many on the outside of the teacher world are calling this “time off” a vacation, though hundreds of thousands of teachers would beg to differ. While we are working from home in order to ensure that our students are succeeding through their “distance learning”, our minds are also flooded with concern. How will our students that rely on school lunches be fed during this time? What if our students don’t have access to WiFi or parent support when completing their work? How can we help students if we can’t get in contact with the parents? What about the parents, who were not prepared to become homeschool teachers for their kids?

Teachers and parents alike, we understand that you are overwhelmed at this time. We are seeing it firsthand in our local school district, as teachers are working diligently to ensure the well-being and safety of students while practicing the social distancing recommendations issued by the CDC. We know your heart is in the classroom with your students. You went into this field because you have a heart for teaching children and ensuring they are safe. We know, because we are there with you. This is something that many teachers, new and seasoned, have never dreamed of experiencing. Throughout this time, reach out to your fellow teachers. Reach out to your students and parents. Reach out to your admin. Let them know that though these are trying times, we are better together, even if we are together through a text or a phone call. This will end soon, and we will all be able to once again Have Fun Teaching.

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  1. Have Fun Teaching

    Great Article – I loved this quote! “Classrooms are empty, but teachers and parents are using distance learning to engage students!”

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