This Adding 1 Song makes it fun to teach addition facts!

Teaching addition has never been this fun! All my students love it!

How to teach Adding 1

The Adding 1 Song by Have Fun Teaching teaches kids how to add 1. Learn the addition facts 1 to 15, using the number one. Adding one can be fun for children, and you can have fun teaching!

Use these Addition Songs for teaching and learning addition for preschool, kindergarten, and first grade. If you are looking for addition songs, adding songs, add 1 song, or add 1 more song, then this Adding 1 Song is perfect!

If you are teaching Adding One, you are most likely teaching things like adding 1, adding 1 more, counting on, and other addition fact skills. Your kids will absolutely LOVE these Adding Songs!


Other resources to use with this Adding 1 Song

If you are using this Adding 1 Song, your students are probably learning about Addition, Addition Facts, and other Math Skills.

Use these Adding Songs, Addition Worksheets, Addition Activities, and Math Worksheets as additional resources for your students.

Introduce this Adding 1 Song by having students share what they know about adding 1 and adding 1 more to a number. Next, show your kids the Adding 1 Song video and have them sing along as they watch the addition facts on the screen.  Then, students can keep watching the video to practice or try to say the Adding 1 Facts out loud.


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