10 Valentine’s Day Resources You’ll LOVE

One of the most memorable times I had as a kid was celebrating Valentine’s Day in the classroom!

February is a month full of love and kindness! Valentine’s Day is almost here, and there are so many fun Valentine’s Day Activities and Valentine’s Day Worksheets you can do with your students! Here are some of our favorite resources for you to use on this loving holiday.


Valentine’s Day Worksheets

1. Valentine’s Day Reading Comprehension Worksheet: This Valentine’s Day reading comprehension story is a perfect addition to any Valentine’s lesson plan!

Valentine's Day Reading Comprehension Worksheet

2. Valentine’s Day Heart Candy Graphing Worksheet: This is a super fun activity to do with those candy hearts!

Valentine's Day Candy Hearts Graphing Activity

3. Valentine’s Day Words Worksheet: See how many words your students can find in the words VALENTINE’S DAY.

4. ABC Order Worksheet: With this worksheet, your students are presented with a list of words related to Valentine’s Day. They use the lines provided to put the words in alphabetical order!

5. Flash Cards: Use these flash cards to see how well your students know the words related to the holiday! Super fun!

Valentine’s Classroom Decoration

6. Holiday Banner: This banner contains all of the letters to spell out VALENTINE’S DAY. Let your students help decorate the letters and make your banner unique to your classroom!

7. Desk Name Tags: Get your students ready for this loving holiday with these cute name tags! They will love having these at their desks.

Valentine’s Day Activities

8. Candy Hearts Skip Counting: Help your students practice counting by 2s, 5s, and 10s using the candy heart cutouts in this activity! They then will complete the worksheet included.

Candy Hearts Skip Counting Activity

9. Dear Valentine:  Students can use this activity to practice spelling the names of family and people and write them a sweet letter! They choose a word from the provided selection and use it as a reference in spelling the name.

10. Sweetheart Sentences: This is a great activity to help students practice reading and identifying sentences types. Students will read a sentence and decide if it is a statement, a question, an exclamation, or a command. They will then place these sentences with the appropriate Sweetheart cutout. Once the students have successfully sorted their questions, they can use the worksheet provided.

We would love to hear your feedback of our Valentine’s Day resources! How did you implement them in your classroom, and what kind of result did you get in your classroom? We love hearing from you, so don’t forget to check in with us on Facebook! Have a loving Valentine’s Day, and Have Fun Teaching!


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