Christmas Resources to Make Teaching Fun this Season

Tis the season to have some fun in the classroom! These Christmas resources will get your kids engaged!

This holiday season, there are so many opportunities to make teaching fun for you and learning fun for your students. With the cold weather, you may be in your classrooms a lot longer than usual. This is the perfect time to use our Christmas worksheets and activities to fill up the extra time! Christmas is typically a favorite among children, so this is the perfect time to incorporate some great learning opportunities.

Christmas English Resources

Alphabetical Order Activity – These centers contain sets of cards that your students will enjoy putting in alphabetical order. You can start out with the Easy activity and challenge them with the Hard set once they’ve mastered that!

 Common and Proper Nouns Activity – Match the Common and Proper Noun Cards to the matching category. Student Worksheets included for comprehension check.

Santa’s Compound Cookies – Santa has a Christmas list too! To find out what gifts he wants, put together his cookies to form compound words. Once you have put together 5 compound cookies on his plate, you can write his Christmas list! To prep this activity, cut the compound cookies apart to separate each word. The goal of the activity is to match two halves of Santa’s cookies to create a compound word. Once compound words are formed, students complete the provided worksheet.

Christmas Math Resources

Single Digit Addition Worksheet – Practice single digit math facts with this fun holiday-themed worksheet!

Even or Odd Activity –  Read the number on each card. Decide if it is even or odd. Place it on the even or odd sorting mat. Complete the recording sheet.

Christmas Even or Odd Activity

Number Word Lights Activity – This cute flash card activity makes a great center or game. Students match green number words lights to red numeral lights to practice learning their numbers. Then they can write the words afterward!

Christmas Fun

Bingo – This Bingo comes with 25 student  Bingo Boards, 23 Teacher Bingo Cards, and 32 Red and Green Daubbers.

Make a Snowman Worksheet – On this worksheet, students will create a snowman with the pieces provided and practice writing the steps they took to create their snowman.

Rather than feeling rushed this holiday season, using these resources could save you a lot of time and stress! Don’t forget to also utilize our Christmas lyric worksheets for every child’s favorites such as Jingle Bell Rock, Frosty the Snowman, and more! While your students are having fun enjoying this winter season, you can have fun as well! It should always be your goal to Have Fun Teaching!


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