Fall Resources You’ll FALL in Love With

Fall is a special time, where the season changes and classrooms start to really take shape!

The Fall season is a time full of fun activities and learning experiences! The changing colors of the leaves, the new smells, and festivals galore make this season one to remember! Children love when teachers find ways to relate learning experiences to what is going on around them. In order to help make teaching more fun this season, Have Fun Teaching offers many resources you’ll love having in your classroom!


Fall Language Arts Resources

Falling Leaves Sight Words Activity This falling leaves themed activity is a great high frequency words activity. There are word cards for your word wall and a writing sheet. Practice reading and writing pre-made sentences or make your own!

Rebus Worksheet Not only is this rebus story fun, but it is also informative about what happens during this season!

CVC Mat Activity Practice the spellings of 8 basic words with a CVC pattern. Place letter tiles on the mat to practice spelling on the worksheets. Full-color images add visual interest.

Raking Leaves Verbs Activity Cut apart the verb leaves and scatter them face down on the floor. Play a match game to match the pictures of verbs to the action word. Players take turns flipping over leaves to find matching pairs. After all, pairs have been matched, use the included worksheet to write sentences using verbs matched during gameplay.

Fall Math Resources

Thanksgiving Turkey Subtraction Worksheet Solve these subtraction problems to 20. Students can then color their turkey when they are finished!

Stuff’d Sums Thanksgiving Activity Make room for dessert! Solve the addition problems on each Thanksgiving pie. Match each addition pie to its ice cream scoop sum.

Roll-a-Turkey Thanksgiving Activity This fun activity could be played individually, in a small group, or as a class! Cut out the turkey body parts so you can “build” a turkey. Select a dots, numbers, or custom directions sheet.  Roll the die. Match that number or side to the body part of your turkey. Continue to roll the dice until you’ve added all body parts to the turkey. *Have Fun Teaching Tip: Turn this into a letter recognition game and use the custom sheets to randomize letters throughout the classroom. Turn it into a Bingo-like game in which the teacher calls out a letter, and the students use corresponding parts of the turkey to build!

Fall Fun!

Thanksgiving Dot-to-Dot Turkey Picture

Thanksgiving Word Scramble

Fall is a fun time to teach about leaves changing color, the history of Thanksgiving, and to enjoy the new smells! Make teaching fun this season with our fall resources! Don’t forget to Have Fun Teaching!


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