Apples to Apples Adjectives Activity: Play Apples to Apples to practice describing pictures using adjectives. Shuffle the picture cards and deal an even amount to all players. Place the green adjective cards in the middle of all players (blank adjective cards available to write customized adjectives). During each round, one player is the judge and does not play using their picture cards. To play, the judge flips over one adjective card and reads it to all players. Players look at their picture cards to see if any pictures match the adjective in play. When a player selects the card, they place it face down in front of the judge. If they do not have a picture that can be described by the adjective, they may draw their own on the black cards. The judge looks at all pictures, and decides which one is best described the adjective. That player is the winner of the round! Players take turns being the judge during each round. Play as many rounds as you’d like!

Information: Describing Words Activity, Adjectives Activity, Parts of Speech, Descriptive Words

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