Third Grade One Year Curriculum
Third Grade One Year CurriculumThird Grade One Year CurriculumThird Grade One Year Curriculum

Third Grade One Year Curriculum

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This THIRD GRADE ONE YEAR CURRICULUM is a complete ONE YEAR THIRD GRADE curriculum that includes over 4,000 ready to use resources to help you effectively teach every day! The best part of this All-In-One Bundle is that you get the ENTIRE YEAR ALL AT ONCE! No waiting for this bundle to grow…it’s fully grown and ready to make your life so much easier!

We make it SO EASY!!! After you purchase this Third Grade One Year Curriculum, you will receive a special 52 Page PDF. Each page will have 5 Buttons: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Every morning, just open up your PDF, click on the day, and it will instantly download your resources for that day! For those of you planners out there, simply download an entire week (or month for you hardcore teachers) and plan your heart out!

After the first week of using this 3rd Grade Curriculum bundle, you will already see that you have more time to teach, more time to spend with your kids, more joy in the classroom, a fun and effective learning environment…and when you go home at night, you don’t have to worry about what you are doing the next day! No more time spent searching for lesson plan ideas and things to do with your students. Everything you need for the entire year is right here!



Common Core Math – Worksheets and Activity Centers that teach EVERY Math Common Core Standard.

Common Core English – Worksheets and Activity Centers that teach EVERY English Common Core Standard.

Common Core Assessments – Assessments for EVERY Math and English Common Core Standard.

Reading – Cause/Effect, Compare/Contrast, Fact/Opinion, Inferences, Main Idea, Predicting, Sequencing, Story Elements, Summarizing, and so much more!

Reading Comprehension – Over 375+ Reading Comprehension stories, each with 5 test questions and answer key.

Alphabet – Letter Recognition, Alphabetical Order/Sequencing, Handwriting, and more! You will even get our Alphabet Songs and Alphabet Videos!

Phonics – Beginning Sounds, Blends, Consonants, CVC, Digraphs, Ending Sounds, Word Families, Vowels, and more!

Sight Words – 26 Leveled Sight Word Reading Comprehension Stories, Sight Word Songs and Videos, Worksheets, Activities, Flash Cards, and more!

Vocabulary – Lots of Flash Cards sets and Activity Centers included, which are perfect for building background knowledge and vocabulary.

Math – Addition, Calendar, Counting, Fractions, Graphing, Money, Ordering Numbers, Place Value, Rounding, Subtraction, Telling Time, and more!

English – Adjectives, Alphabetical Order, Antonyms & Synonyms, Capitalization, Contractions, Grammar, Homophones, Nouns, Plurals, Pronouns, Suffix/Prefix, Verbs, and more in the Language Arts!

Writing – Handwriting, Themed Writing Activities, Daily Journal Prompts, and more!

Science – Animals, Earth Science, Health and Nutrition, Life Cycles, Living and Non-Living Things, Matter, Plants, Scientific Method, Seasons, Space, and more!

Social Studies – America, Communities, Economics, Family, Geography, Government, History, Landforms, Maps, People, Presidents, States, Timelines, and more!

Character Education – Community, Caring, Courage, Respect, Responsibility, Patience, Fairness, Friendship, Truth/Honesty, and the Six Pillars of Character. Also, you will get our Character Songs!

Holidays – Back to School, 4th of July, Christmas, Dr. Seuss Read Across American, Earth Day, Easter, Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, and more!





Worksheets (PDF): Reading Comprehension, English, Holidays, Math, Phonics, Reading, Science, Back to School, Basic Skills, Common Core, Graphic Organizers, Crossword Puzzles, Social Studies, Writing, Coloring Pages, and more!

Activity Centers and Games (PDF): Common Core, English, Math, Holidays, Phonics, Reading, Science, and more!

Lesson Plans (PDF): Blank Lesson Plan Templates, plus tons of complete lesson plans that include the Lesson Plan, Worksheets, Activities, etc.

Flash Cards (PDF): Alphabet, English, ESOL, Holidays, Math, People, Phonics, Science, Sight Words, Social Studies, Themes, Vocabulary, and more!

Songs (MP3): Alphabet/Phonics, Character, English, Math/Counting, Fitness, Grammar, Language Arts, Reading, Science, Shapes, Sight Words, and more!

Videos (MP4): Alphabet/Phonics, Character, Math/Counting, Fitness, Grammar, Language Arts, Science, Shapes, Sight Words, Writing, and more!



Back To School Folder
All About Me Folder
All About Me Mobile
All About Me Worksheet 1
All About Me Worksheet 2
All About Me Worksheet 3
Blank Backpack Worksheet
Favorite Books Worksheet (Girls)
Favorite Books Worksheet (Boys)
Goals Worksheet
Summer Vacation Letter
This is Me Worksheet
Who I Want to Be Worksheet
Lesson Plan Templates Folder
Behavior Plan Template
ESOL Strategies Lesson Plan Template
Daily Lesson Plan Template
Daily Lesson Plan Template (With Standards)
Weekly Lesson Plan Template
Single Lesson Plan Template
Teacher Forms Folder
Accelerated Reader AR Log
Behavior Plan
Bus List
Fluency Progress Chart
Fun Friday Minutes
Parent Contact Form
Parent Teacher Conference Form
Parent Volunteer Form
School Hallway Pass
Student Information Sheet
Common Core Folder
RL.3.1 Poster
RL.3.1 Activity Center
RL.3.1 Worksheets
RL.3.1 Assessment
Music Folder
All Song – Sight Words
All Song Video – Sight Words
All Song Lyrics
Worksheets Folder
Letter S Folder
Letter S D’Nealian Handwriting Practice
Letter S Zaner Bloser Handwriting Practice
Reading Comprehension Folder
Could You Please? – Sight Words Reading Comprehension
What Can Fly? – Sight Words Reading Comprehension




This Third Grade One Year Curriculum is perfect for:
*Classroom Teachers
*Substitute Teachers
*Homeschool Parents
*Parents of Third Graders
*Daycare providers

NOTE: All Third Grade One Year Curriculum resources are original works and copyright Have Fun Teaching, LLC. These resources are intended to be used as supplemental classroom materials and not solely as a curriculum.

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