Adjective Worksheet – Puppy

Adjective Worksheet – Puppy

This Adjective Worksheet - Puppy teaches that adjectives are words that give us more information about nouns (people, places, and things.) Read the paragraph below about the puppy. After you read, circle the adjectives (words that tell you more about the puppy) in the paragraph. Once you have found all ten adjectives, write them in the boxes below. Your kids will love being a detective as they search adjectives.

Teacher Directions for Adjective Worksheet - Puppy

This worksheet will give students an opportunity to find adjectives within a paragraph. Before beginning this worksheet, you may review adjectives using the Have Fun Teaching Adjective Song! Then, have students work independently or with a small group to find adjectives. This adjective worksheet will allow you to gain a better understanding of your student's understanding of adjectives. Check out our engaging Adjective Activities that you can use for hands-on extension activities for teaching adjectives.

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  • mssawilson112872

This is exactly what I need for my class. Not too many blanks to fill in. Easy to understand.