Birds ABC Order Worksheet


How to teach Alphabetical Order

Using thisBirds ABC Order Worksheet, student will put ten birds in alphabetical order and then write more about two birds.

This worksheet is a great addition to your bird unit! Your students will practice putting words in ABC order while learning about birds.

First, write the alphabet at the top of your paper. Next, look for words that begin with A. If you find a word, write it on the line and cross it out in the word bank. Then, keep looking for words starting with B all the way to Z.

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If your students are using this worksheet, it’s possible that they are learning about Birds!

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Introduce this worksheet by listening to the Have Fun Teaching Alphabet Song (Animated Music Video). Next, students practice putting a set of letters in order. Then, student practice putting birds in alphabetical order. Finally, students write more about each birds! Students can then share their facts with a partner or the class. This worksheet kills “two birds with one stone”!

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