St. Patrick’s Day ABC Order Worksheet


How to teach Alphabetical Order

This St. Patrick’s Day ABC Order Worksheet will teach your students how to put ten words related to St. Patrick’s Day in alphabetical order and build vocabulary.

Knowing how to put words in alphabetical order is an important life skill for your students to be able to do. This worksheet will help them to be able to find School Closings on the news or stores on the mall map.

First, write the alphabet at the top of your paper. Next, look for words that begin with A. If you find a word, write it on the line and cross it out in the word bank. Then, keep looking for words starting with B all the way to Z.

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This skill helps them find words in a dictionary or books in a library. This worksheet gives ten words to students to rewrite in ABC order. Learners write the words in ABC order individually or with a partner. Finally, students write sentences using the words from the worksheet.

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