Analogies Word Bank Worksheet


How to teach Analogies

Using this Analogies Word Bank Worksheet, students decide the relationships between two pairs of basic ideas to create analogies using a word bank.

Solving analogies are difficult for students when they start looking for relationships. This worksheet provides a word bank for student references as they determine relationships between pairs of words.

Students will decide the relationship between the first pair of words to create a pair of words that match the same relationship. Once students have created a complete analogy, challenge them to explain how they chose how to fill in the blanks.

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If you are using this worksheet, your students are most likely working on vocabulary and critical thinking skills.

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Introduce this worksheet by showing students two pictures like milk and cow. Ask students how the pictures relate. Then, have students share other ideas for pictures that relate (example: egg and chicken). Name this as creating an analogy. Then, have students work independently or with a partner to finish the analogies. Challenge students to name the analogy relationship (part to whole, opposites, etc).

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