Analogy Type List

Analogy Type List

How to teach Analogies

Using this Analogy Type List, students reference different types of analogies to find relationships between pairs of words.

There are many different types of analogies. This list supports students when they are struggling to find the relationship between pairs of words in an analogy set.

Students can reference this word list when solving analogies in order to find the best relationship between the pairs.


Other resources to use with this Analogy Type List

If you are using this worksheet, your students are most likely working on vocabulary and critical thinking skills.

Use these Vocabulary Worksheets as an additional resource or homework assignment.

Introduce this reference list as a strategy when solving tricky analogies. Present a tricky analogy and show students how they can eliminate analogy types to find the best relationship match to solve analogies.

Use this reference list alongside our  Analogy Worksheets


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