Antonyms Crossword Puzzle


How to teach Antonyms

Using this Antonyms Crossword Puzzle, students use the provided clues to completed the crossword puzzles about antonyms.

This worksheet is a fun way for students to build their understanding of antonyms.

Learning antonyms helps students build their vocabulary to help them comprehend when they reading and improve their writing skills. This worksheet will help them build their critical thinking skills as they think of the antonym that matches the clue given.

Other resources to use with this Antonyms Crossword Puzzle

If you are using this worksheet, your students are most likely learning about antonyms and synonyms.

Use this Antonym Game Worksheet as an additional resource to support your students.

Introduce this worksheet by playing “I’m Thinking of an Antonym”. Write 10-12 examples of antonyms on the board (in, over, part, strong, pull, etc). Then, give clues to your students. Clues could be “I’m not thinking of the antonym for Out”. Students then erase words that match your clues. The antonym that is left at the end is should be the antonym that you are looking for. Then, students complete the worksheet individually or with a partner. Challenge students to write their own sentences using the matches that they made on this worksheet.

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