Common Core Lesson Plan Template


How to teach Common Core

Are you teaching Common Core with your students? If your kids are learning Common Core standards, this resource can be a great way to help you to cut back planning time.

With our Common Core Lesson Plan Template, you can develop your weekly lessons across multiple subjects. First, you will date your Lesson Plan and label your subjects. Develop activities to implement throughout the day. Write the Common Core standards you will focus on for each day and subject. Finally, detail the homework assignments you plan to use with your students in each subject area.

Teaching Common Core is an important skill when learning Reading and Math. Teach these subjects across the curriculum with our Common Core Daily Lesson Plan Template. We aim to make planning easier for you!

Other resources to use with this Common Core Lesson Plan Template

If you are teaching Common Core, be sure to use our Common Core Lessons. Teaching Common Core can be a fun and engaging experience for your children!

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