Adjectives Feelings Worksheet


How to teach Adjectives

Using this Adjectives Feelings Worksheet, students fill in the blanks with adjectives that describe the feelings of the person in the pictures to complete the sentence.

Adjectives are words that give us more information about nouns (people, places, and things). This worksheet will give students an opportunity to practice describing feelings based on the picture and sentence by filling in a blank with an adjective to complete a sentence.

First, read the sentence and look at the picture. Next, decide what adjective helps describe the noun best. Then, write the adjective on the line provided.

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If you are using this worksheet, your students are probably learning about adjectives.

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Before beginning this worksheet, you may review adjectives using the Have Fun Teaching Adjective Song! Then, have students work independently or with a small group to find adjectives. After students have finished rewriting, share out new sentences to show how many different ideas can be created. Finally, students look for examples of adjectives as they read.

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