L.5.4 Fifth Grade Common Core Lesson

L.5.4 Fifth Grade Common Core Lesson

How to teach Multiple Meaning Words

Using this L.5.4 Fifth Grade Common Core Lesson, students will determine or clarify the meaning of unknown or multiple meaning words.

Understanding the same word has multiple meanings will help your students become better readers. Your students will build their vocabulary through using this lesson.

Use the purple paddles and purple text balls for this version. Shuffle the paddles and deal an even amount to each player. Serve a word ball by flipping it over on the ping-pong table. If Player 1 has a matching sentence for that word, then the word is served over to Player 2. If Player 2 has a second sentence that can contain the multiple meaning of that word, then the ball is served back to Player 1 and no points are scored. If one player has 2 sentence paddles that can contain the word, then they win the serve and score one point. Play continues until one player has scored five points by collecting five word balls.


Other resources to use with this L.5.4 Fourth Grade Common Core Lesson

If you are using this lesson, your students are probably learning about multiple meaning words.

Use this Multiple Meaning Worksheet as an additional resource for your students.

Introduce this lesson by sharing words that have multiple meanings like bat. Ask students to use this word in a sentence. Make sure that you get examples that use bat as in the animal as well as sporting equipment. Next, distribute materials to students to match multiple meaning words together. Finally, students complete worksheet independently or with a partner for more practice.

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