Opposites Lesson Plan

Opposites Lesson Plan

How to teach Opposites and Antonyms

Are you teaching opposites with your students? If your kids are learning about opposites, download this resource today! With this Opposites Lesson plan, you can help your students explore how to identify and describe opposites.

Materials available in this Opposites Lesson Plan include Opposites Flash Cards, and Opposites Worksheets. You will also find Antonyms Worksheets, Antonyms Crossword Puzzles, Opposites Activity Center, and a Full and Empty Activity Center. We also provide you with a lesson plan that includes your objective, book recommendations, background knowledge, and more! Because we believe in differentiated instruction at Have Fun Teaching, we want to provide you with differentiated worksheets, activities, and assessments to teach this skill with. By downloading this Opposites Lesson Plan, you are not only providing your students with a fun lesson; you are also providing yourself with more time to teach!

Teaching opposites and antonyms is an important skill when learning English and Parts of Speech. By learning about opposites, your students will be able to identify and describe opposites, define opposites, and create examples of opposites.


Other resources to use with this Opposites Lesson Plan

If you are teaching opposites, be sure to use our Opposites Worksheets, Opposites Activities, and our Opposites Flash Cards. Teaching opposites can be a fun and engaging experience for your children!


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