Simile Song (Original Music Video)

How to teach Similes

Using this Simile Song (Original Music Video), your students learn about how to use similes in order to bring emotion and feeling into their writing.

Your students writing will become more meaningful and impactful when they use figurative language. This song will help your students correctly use similes in their writing.

The Simile Video is a Language Arts song that teaches simile. A simile compares two unlike things by connecting them with words such as ‘Like’ or ‘As’. This is a song for learning similes.

Other resources to use with this Simile Song (Original Music Video)

If you are listening to this song, your students are probably learning about similes.

Use this Similes Worksheet as an additional resource for your classroom.

You can use this song as part of your morning routine, introduction to a lesson, or simply just play during classroom work time. You could even have students come up with a dance routine for this fun song! Your students will love to learn about similes through listening to this song. It’s a perfect way to make your classroom fun and entertaining.

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