Opposites Flash Cards


How to use Flash Cards

Using these Opposites Flash Cards, students improve their opposite vocabulary by describing the colorful flash cards.

There are so many vocabulary words that relate to opposites. These flash cards will help improve your students’ writing by giving them thematic vocabulary to use.

Your students can use these 30 colorful flash cards in any writing center to give them inspiration. It is also a perfect addition to a word wall to support opposite vocabulary.

Other resources to use with this Opposites Flash Cards

If you are using these flash cards, you’re probably teaching your students about Opposites or Synonyms.

Use this Opposites Activity to support your lessons about opposites.

There are endless opportunities for these flash cards. Post these opposite flash cards in your writing center to help inspire students as they begin writing during their free writing time. They are a good introduction into your opposite lessons to activate prior knowledge. You could use these flash cards to create a bulletin board. Students can also cut the cards apart to play a memory match game.

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