Comparing Adjectives Comparatives and Superlatives Activity


How to teach Adjectives

UsingComparing Adjectives Comparatives and Superlatives Activity, studentsuse the picture cards to practice using comparing adjectives.

Being able to compare objects using comparatives and superlatives is an important skill for students to do. It will help them to be able to give and follow directions to find what they are looking for

Select a set of comparative adjective (ex. tall, taller, tallest) word cards. Find the picture cards with the matching colored border. For example, if the adjectives are red, then find the three cards with the red border. Put the cards in order, based on the attributes they are comparing. Label the picture by placing the adjective word cards above each picture.After using all sets of pictures, complete the worksheets provided.

Other resources to use with this Comparing Adjectives Comparatives and Superlatives Activity

If you are using this activity, your students are probably learning about adjectives.

Use this Big Bigger Biggest Worksheet as an additional resource for your students.

Introduce this activity by using your students for demonstrations. Ask questions like “Who is taller?” and “Who is the oldest?”. Next, create an anchor chart with students starting off what the smallest form of the word. Sample examples could be Big, Smart, Fast, etc. Have students help you fill in the comparatives that match (Big, Bigger, Biggest). Then, students complete the activity with a partner or on their own. Finally, challenge students to use words from the activity in their own writing.

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