Insects Word Wall


How to teach Vocabulary

Using this Insects Word Wall, students use these common insect terms in your science word wall to build their vocabulary.

There are a lot of vocabulary words related to insects. Your students need constant visual reminders about these words to build their recognition skills.

Post these vocabulary cards in your word wall. You can have student use them for multiple activities like drawing pictures or writing descriptions.

Other resources to use with this Insects Word Wall

If you are using these word wall terms, your students are probably learning about Vocabulary.

Use this Insects Worksheet as an additional resource for your students.

Introduce these terms by reviewingInsect Flash Cards. Next, students rate their understanding of each of the terms related to insects. Then, students use word wall terms as a reference as they study insects. Finally, students rate their knowledge of each of the terms at the end of their Insect Unit.

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