Are We There Yet Asking Sentences Activity


How to teach Reading Fluency

UsingAre We There Yet Asking Sentences Activity, students practice reading question and declarative sentences with correctly fluency and intonation.

During this fun activity, students draw sentence cards. If they pull a question card and read it correctly, students move ahead one space! Practice reading aloud has never been so fun!

Two players race around the game board to complete their cross-country road trip. Select a car to drive with and choose the white or black road trip path to follow. Place your car on “Start Here.” Shuffle the sentences and place them on the game board. To play, players take turns picking up and reading a sentence card. Determine if the sentence is an asking or telling sentence. If the sentence is asking a question, move onto the next circle of your road trip. If it is not an asking sentence, stay where you are. The first player to finish their road trip is the winner!

Other resources to use with this Are We There Yet Asking Sentences Activity

If you are using this activity, your student probably need additional reading fluency support.

Use these Reading Fluency Activities as an additional resource to support your students’ reading ability.

Introduce this activity by reviewing good reading fluency. You can make it silly by showing bad examples of reading fluency! Then, distribute materials to students. After they are finished playing, celebrate students that you heard using good reading fluency!

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