Back to School Scramble Worksheet


How to teach Back to School

This Back to School Scramble Worksheet is a fun addition to your students’ back to school experience that can be used to learn key school vocabulary.

During the first weeks of school, it is always important to have additional worksheets and activities as a back up in case of extra time in your lessons. This scramble can help you fill any need you have. You could also use this as a team building activity to build communication skills within your students.

Your students can build their back to school vocabulary by unscrambling these words. This worksheet will support your students’ problem solving skills as they try to unscramble the words.

Other resources to use with this Back to School Scramble Worksheet

If your students are using this worksheet, it’s probably the beginning of the school year.

Use this Back to School Word Search as another resource to support your students at the beginning of the year.

This worksheet can be used in multiple different ways. You could have students practice independent or group work expectations using this worksheet. Have students write sentences using each of the back to school words. This is also a good addition to a growth mindset lesson as students have to figure out how to unscramble these words.

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