Back to School Classroom Jobs Flash Cards

Back to School Classroom Jobs Flash Cards


How to use Flash Cards

Using these Back to School Classroom Jobs Flash Cards, students know the different jobs that they can help do in your classroom.

There is always so much to do in the classroom. Classroom jobs help students build responsibility and get things done!

Your students can use these 16 colorful flash cards to know what jobs are available to help you do! Simply print, cut and post these flash cards in your classroom for a quick bulletin board!

Other resources to use with this Back to School Classroom Job Flash Cards

If you are using these flash cards, it's probably the beginning of the school year.

Use these Back to School Behavior Flash Cards to support your students during the beginning of a new school year.

There are endless opportunities for these flash cards. Post these job flash cards in your writing center to help inspire students as they begin writing during their free writing time. You could use these flash cards to create a bulletin board. Assign each member of your class a different job.

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