Student Information Sheet


How to use Forms

Using this Student Information Sheet, teachers can gather important students information at the beginning of the school year to build a strong relationship.

As a teacher, it’s so important that you know what your students like and don’t like. This form allows you to gather information about students so they you know them better.

Students fill out the form and return to school so you have up to date information.

Other resources to use with this Student Information Sheet

If you are using this worksheet, it is probably the beginning of the year.

Use this Bus List Worksheet as another resource.

At the beginning of the school year is a great time to get to know your students and their families. Send home this information form in order to get contact information for your students. You can use this information to make connections between students so that you know them better. Knowing about your students will help as you create lessons and activities that are tailored towards their interests.

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