Thanksgiving I am Thankful List Worksheet

Thanksgiving I am Thankful List Worksheet


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Using this Thanksgiving I am Thankful List Worksheet, students write people, places, or ideas that they are thankful for.

Many of your students celebrate Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving is a holiday where we give thanks for what we have.  This worksheet helps your students brainstorm topics that they are grateful for.

On each of the turkey's feathers, write something that you are grateful for. Then write a full sentence about one of these topics.


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If your students are using this worksheet, it is possible it is close to Thanksgiving.

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Introduce this worksheet by having students share about their Thanksgiving traditions.   Next, students share what they know about the word gratitude. . Then, students work independently or with a partner. Finally, students share their grateful turkeys with the class.  This worksheet is a great addition to your Thanksgiving studies. It is a quick addition to a bulletin board.

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