Thanksgiving True or False Worksheet


How to teach Thanksgiving

Using this Thanksgiving True or False Worksheet, students determine if the sentences about Thanksgiving are true or false.

Many of your students celebrate Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a holiday where we give thanks for what we have. This worksheet learns more about Thanksgiving.

Read the sentences below about Thanksgiving. Then, circle TRUE if it is a true sentence or circle FALSE if it is a false sentence. Finally, circle and correct the mistakes in any false sentences.

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If your students are using this worksheet, it is possible it is close to Thanksgiving.

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Introduce this worksheet by having students share about their Thanksgiving traditions. Next, students what they know about Thanksgiving Then, students work independently or with a partner. Finally, students share what they have learned about Thanksgiving. Your students could take these facts and draw pictures to illustrate the events. This worksheet is a great addition to your Thanksgiving studies.

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