Valentine’s Day Clip Art


How to use Clip Art

This Valentine’s Day Clip Art is a perfect addition to any bulletin board, flyer, or other printable that you use in your classroom.

You can use this set of Valentine’s Day images to make your worksheets, bulletin boards, and activities more captivating for your students!

In this set, you download thirty-three hand drawn Valentine’s Day images. These images can be easily inserted to give extra design to your work.

Other resources to use with this Valentine’s Day Clip Art

If you’re using this clip art set, your bulletin boards and worksheets most likely look interesting and engaging for students.

Check out the Valentine’s Day Mini Pack as an additional resource for you to celebrate Valentine’s Day!

Use this clip art to enhance any lesson plan or activity! These images will help you create engaging and interesting materials no matter the situation! You could insert these Valentine’s Day images onto stickers to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Print two copies of these clip art images to play a memory match game. Your students could even cut out an image and then draw a picture around it.

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