1.G.1 First Grade Common Core Lesson


How to teach Shapes

This 1.G.1 First Grade Common Core Lesson teaches us that shapes can be put into many different categories.

Being able to sort shapes helps students look for similarities and differences to create categories based on attributes.

Sort each shape into a category by size, how many sides, colors, or shape name. You might find that some shapes go into many different categories! After you sort, there is additional practice finding triangles and rectangles as well as drawing your own shapes!

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If you are using this lesson, your students are probably learning about Shapes.

Use this Candy Land Shapes Activity as an additional resource for your students.

In this lesson, students will sort shapes into different categories based on amount of sides, color, size and shape name. This lesson works well in many different situations as full class, math center, or independent work. First, place the categories labels for all to see. Then, distribute the shapes to students. Each student explains the different categories their shape fits into. Finally, student will continue their practice independently or in a small group by identifying different shapes.

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