1.OA.2 Common Core Activity


How to teach Adding Three Addends

In this 1.OA.2 Common Core Activity, students add three whole numbers together to solve by matching equation cards to answer cards.

This 1.OA.2 First Grade Common Core Lesson, students add three whole numbers together. This lesson can be used in multiple scenarios- small group, math center, partners, and whole class lesson.

First, look to see if you can find any sums of 10 (example: 6 +4 or 8+2) or doubles (example: 3+3). Add those two addends together first. Then, add the final addend. Finally, find the orange answer card that matches your sum. Continue your practice with adding three digits using the worksheets by yourself or with a partner.

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Introduce this lesson by reviewing different ways to make 10 and doubles. This introduction will give students a strategy for adding 3 whole numbers. Then, give students activity cards to add together the three digits. As they work, encourage students to explain the strategies they are using solve. Students can continue their practice of adding three whole numbers using the worksheets individually or with a partner.

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