Back to School Graph Worksheet

Back to School Graph Worksheet

How to teach Graphing

Using this Back to School Graph Worksheet, students complete and analyze a graph using the given data about school supplies.

At the beginning of the school year, there is a lot of expectations and rules to learn. This Back to School Graph Worksheet is great addition to your first days in case you need extra activities for your students to do.

There is given data for your students to create a bar graph about school supplies. Then, students analyze the graph by answering questions.

Other resources to use with this Back to School Graph Worksheet

If your students are using this worksheet, it's probably the beginning of the school year.

Use this Summer Time Back to School Writing Activity as another resource to support your students at the beginning of the year.

This activity can be used whenever you might have extra time after a lesson or for homework to support good homework practices. You could use this worksheet to help reinforce expectations you have taught. Have your students work together to build relationship and teamwork skills from Day One!

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