Blank Multiplication Table

Blank Multiplication Table

How to teach Multiplication

Using this Blank Multiplication Table, students fill in multiplication facts (with factors 0-9) to build multiplication fact fluency.

This blank multiplication table will help your students build their multiplication fact fluency. Multiplication fact fluency will help as your students progress through your math curriculum.

Students will fill in the chart by filling in the product of the factor at the top and left side of the chart.

Other resources to use with this Blank Multiplication Table

If you are using this multiplication table, your students are probably learning about multiplication facts.

Use these Create Your Own Multiplication Tables as an additional resource for your students.

Introduce this blank multiplication table by reviewing math facts using the Single Digit Multiplication Activity with your students. Next, model with your students how to complete the table. Then, students complete the table individually or with a partner. Once students have filled in the table, they can reference the table when solving multiplication problems.

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