Making Inferences Math Operations Activity


How to use this Making Inferences Math Operations Activity

This Making Inferences Math Operations Activity is a great lesson in helping your students understand how to use keywords, or clue words, to help them decide which math operation or operations should be used to solve math word problems.

Your students will learn all about the different math operations, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. There is even a math word problem that teaches elapsed time.

In each of the different design word problems, students will be read a math problem, make an inference using clues in the problem to decide which math operation to use, then solve the equation using the number and symbol cards.

Choose a word problem card and read it. Use clue words in the problems to make an inference about which math operation or operations you will need to use to solve the problem. Use the symbol and number cards along with the worksheet to create and solve the math problems.

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Teaching and learning about making inferences and math operations should be a fun experience for your students. My favorite thing about this activity is that students can work independently or with a small group to determine which strategy to use to solve the problems, and that they can use the number and math symbol cards to give it a little hands on fun!

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