Measurement Fractions of Inches Worksheet

Measurement Fractions of Inches Worksheet

How to teach Measurement

In this Measurement Fractions of Inches Worksheet, students measure line segments to the nearest inch by writing them in fractions to build their measurement skills.

Being able to measure correctly is an important life skill. This worksheet gives your students practice measuring to the nearest inch.

Students measure line segments. Then, they write the length in fractions and inches.


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If you are using this worksheet, your students are probably learning about measurement.

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You may introduce the worksheet by leading a discussion about how to measure an object correctly.  Next, create an anchor chart with tips from your students so they have a reference while they work. Then, students work independently or with a partner.  As students measure, make sure to monitor and ask questions so that measurements are correct. Once finished, have students practice estimating the length of objects in the classroom.

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