Numbers Word 0 to 100 Flash Cards


How to use Flash Cards

Using Numbers Word 0 to 100 Flash Cards, students identify numbers to build number recognition and fluency skills.

These Flash Cards are a great resource for students to build their number recognition and fluency skills. Students can look at the number and sort into piles based on correct answers.

First, look at the number on the card. Next, think of what number is shown. Then,say the number quickly. Finally, put flashcards in two piles based on the speed that you knew the number. Continue identifying numbers until you have moved them all to the correct pile!

Other resources to use with this Numbers Word 0 to 100 Flash Cards

If you are using this worksheet, your students are probably learning about number recognition.

Use this Numbers Activity as an additional resource for your students.

Setting up these flash cards are easy to do- print, cut, and fold on the dotted line for quick use! These flash cards can also be cut apart to use as a memory or matching game. You could even have students sort numbers based on your own rule or a self-directed rule. These Numbers 0 to 100 Flash Cards are an excellent addition to a math center or introduction to a math lesson!

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