Patterns Lesson Plan

Patterns Lesson Plan

How to teach Patterns

Are you teaching patterns with your students? If your kids are learning about patterns, this Patterns Lesson Plan can be a great way to help them explore how to create and continue various patterns.

This Patterns Lesson Plan contains various materials for you to successfully teach patterns while cutting your planning time down so that you can enjoy more teaching. You will  find a Rainforest Patterns Activity, a Patterns Activity, a variety of Patterns Worksheets, Pattern Type Cards, and a set of Pattern Cards. Our Patterns Lesson Plan provides you with a whole group lesson, small group lesson, and individual lesson, taking into consideration the importance of differentiation. We also provide you with assessments and ideas of what book to read with your lesson.

Teaching Patterns is an important skill when learning Math. Mastering basic pattern skills is important for students to begin scaffolding other math skills. Math is full of patterns, so use this lesson plan to help your students gain fundamental math skills!


Other resources to use with this Patterns Lesson Plan

If you are teaching Patterns, be sure to use our Patterns Worksheets and our Patterns Activities. Teaching patterns can be a fun and engaging experience for your children!


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