Popcorn Mental Math Activity

Popcorn Mental Math Activity

How to teach Adding and Subtracting

In this Popcorn Mental Math Activity, students mentally add and subtract 10 or 100 to a given number 100–900.

Your students need as many opportunities as possible to build their addition and subtraction fact fluency.  This activity will give your students the opportunity to practice. This activity can be used in multiple scenarios- small group, math center, partners, and whole class lesson.

Cut out the popcorn cards and sort into two piles, red and blue. For one minute, students flip one card per pile and answers the equation.  Then, place correct answers are placed in a separate pile. After the minute, student records the correct equation and answer in the Popcorn Math Sheet!


Other resources to use with this Popcorn Mental Math Activity

If you are using this activity, your students are probably learning about addition.

Use this Three Addend Addition Activity as an additional resource for your students.

You may introduce this activity  by reviewing fact families or practicing math facts using Addition Flash Cards.  Next, students practice solving equations. After time to work, students explain how they found the sum or difference. When you are choosing students, be sure to look for a variety of strategies! Then, students complete the activity independently or with a partner. Finally, students share strategies that they used to solve. Once finished, students can write their own word problems to match the equations from the problem.

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