Star Cut Outs


How to use Cut Outs

These Star Cut Outs will quickly give you templates for classroom decoration or student activities.

These Ellison style die cut paper cut-outs can be used for any activity or bulletin board that you can think of.

In this set, you will four blank stars. These blank stars can be printed and stapled together to create a book. Simply print, decorate and cut!

Other resources to use with this Star Cut Outs

If you’re using this cut outs, your bulletin boards most likely look interesting and engaging for students.

Use these Shape Activities as an additional resource for your students.

Use these cut outs to enhance any bulletin board or activity! Since they are blank, you could use them any way your imagination takes you! This square could be used to write facts about space or an all-star board for behavior. Make a book about different real life stars that you could find. The opportunities are endless!

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