Spin It to Win It Telling Time Activity


How to teach Telling Time

Using this Spin It to Win It Telling Time Activity, students Play “Hour Power” and “Minute It To Win It” to begin learning about the basic parts of a clock.

Your students need lots of practice telling time on an analog clock. Knowing the parts of a clock will help them understand how to read time on a clock. This activity gives your students the opportunity to practice in a fun way.

To create the games, use the clock pages as the spinner board. Attach the hour and minute hands onto paper clip. Poke a hole in the middle of each clock and use a paper fastener to hold the spinner. Players take turns spinning the clock hand. When the spinner stops, players must place the correct hour or minutes circle piece in that spot. Use the colored or black and white circles depending on student need. To create a race, give each student a clock so they may compete to finish their clock the fastest.After game play, students fill-in two worksheets to demonstrate their beginning knowledge of hours and minutes on the clock.

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If you are using this activity, your students are probably learning about telling time.

Use this Cinco de Mayo Telling Time Clock Activity as an additional resource for your students.

Introduce this activity by listening to the Have Fun Teaching Counting by Fives Song. Next, have students help you fill in a blank clock. Then, have students play this time telling activity with a partner. Finally, students continue their practice with the provided worksheets. This is a perfect addition to any math center or guided math lesson!

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