Alphabet Dice Collection Upper & Lower Cases

Alphabet Dice Collection Upper & Lower Cases

How to teach Letter Names and Sounds

Alphabet Dice Collection upper & lower cases supports students learning of the letter names and sounds in an interactive way.

When learning the letter names and sounds, students need lots of practice. However, worksheets and flashcards tend to get boring. You can increase student engagement by using these Alphabet dice.

Use these kid-friendly, over-sized dice to practice your letters in upper and lower case. Included are 3 printable versions for color and B&W printers. You can decorate as you wish. Also included are several games for 1 or more players as suggestions for how to use these dice!

Other resources to use with this Alphabet Dice Collection upper & lower cases

If you are using Alphabet dice, your students are most likely learning letter names and sounds for the first time!

Use the What Do The Letters Say Song in addition to the dice to continue to build recognition skills.

There are an unlimited amount of times that you can use these dice. Students can roll the die, say the letter name or sound, and then graph the roll using a simple tally chart or bar graph.

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