Alphabet Song (Classic)

Alphabet Song (Classic)


How to teach the Alphabet

The Alphabet Song (Animated) will help students learn letter names and sounds by listening to the catchy lyrics and colorful video.

This animated song is a great way to reinforce the alphabet letter names and sounds in a memorable way. Students will love singing along as they hear letter names and sounds.

The Alphabet Song - Animated is a helpful resource for any alphabet unit. It's upbeat rhythm is easy to quickly play for student use. The song repeats letter names and sounds multiple times so students can easily listen. The video shows each letter clearly as the song says the letter or sound.

Other resources to use with this Alphabet Song (Animated)

If you are listening to this song, your students are probably learning about the alphabet.

Check out the Alphabet Stories as an additional resource to support your students understanding of the alphabet.

First, listen to the song. Then, practice putting alphabet tiles, magnets, or beads in order using the song.  You can use this song as part of your morning routine, calendar time, or introduction to your guided reading lesson. You could also play Freeze Dance with this song. Have students dance along to the song and then stop the video. Call on one student to share the letter name or sound on the board!

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