Beginning Consonants Baseball Activity

Beginning Consonants Baseball Activity: Play Baseball to practice identifying the beginning consonants of words. To play, gather two teams (1-3 players on each team). Choose one team to be the home team and the other to be the visitor. Select a colored set of consonant cards and the matching colored picture cards. Randomly select 5 consonants and place them on the blue diamonds on the game board. Shuffle the matching picture cards and place on the pitcher’s mound.

The goal of the inning is to pitch a picture card that matches one of the consonants. Flip over the top card to “pitch” the ball. If the beginning consonant matches any on the game board, move a base. If the picture does not match any consonants, it is a strike. Keep pitching balls until a team reaches 3 strikes or has scored 5 runs. To earn a run, players must move their game piece around all bases or score a “Home Run” by selecting a picture with the home run consonant. When a team strikes out, the next team is up to bat.

Keep score using the scoreboard and number cards. The team with the highest score after all three innings is the winner! *Game can be played using only one set of colored consonants/pictures or all three sets. For a more challenging and/or faster game, use all consonants and pictures together.

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