Alphabet Picture Matching Activity


How to teach Letter Recognition

Using Alphabet Picture Matching Activity, students match beginning letters to colorful pictures to build letter recognition skills.

This brightly colored Alphabet Picture Matching Activity supports students learning of ABC letters and words that begin with those letters.

In this activity, students are given all 26 letters to match with a picture that begins with that same letter. After students have finished matching Uppercase letters, they can continue to practice their lowercase recognition skills as well. In addition to the cards, students can practice writing uppercase and lowercase letters using the provided worksheets.

Other resources to use with this Alphabet Picture Matching Activity

If you are using this activity, your students are probably learning about letter recognition and formation.

Use the Have Fun Teaching Alphabet Handwriting Worksheets as an additional worksheet or to use as morning work.

This activity is perfect for a small group lesson or literacy center. Students can work by themselves or with a partner. Have students match uppercase and lowercase letters together. You can increase your students memory skills by turning this into a Memory Match game by flipping over the cards. This activity is also a good resource to send home with students for additional practice.

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