Beginning Sounds Alphabet Letter Posters


How to teach Letter Recognition

These Beginning Sounds Alphabet Letter Posters support students’ recognition of both upper and lower case ABC letters using this print font.

These colorful Alphabet Letter Posters are a perfect reference for students to use when learning letter names and sounds. Outside of the classroom, students need to be identify letters no matter what font they are written in. This poster support students learning how to form print letters for the first time.

Both the Uppercase and Lowercase letters of every letter in the alphabet as well as a picture are included on this poster. This poster will help your students remember how to form and read these print letters. Hang as word wall headings or simply a reference poster!

Other resources to use with this Beginning Sounds Alphabet Letter Posters

If you are using these posters, your students are probably learning about letter recognition and formation.

Use the Have Fun Teaching Alphabet Handwriting Worksheets as an additional worksheet or to use as morning work.

Even though this is called a poster, you can find lots of different uses for this resource. This could be a literacy center activity by having students put the letters in ABC order. Also, give students dough to form the letters on the poster as a template. This simple poster will find a welcome place in your class no matter how you choose to use it!

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