Alphabet Reading Comprehension Workbook Paperback


How to teach Reading Comprehension

Use Alphabet Reading Comprehension Workbook Paperback to build student reading comprehension skills using the Alphabet Stories and aligned questions.

You no longer have to search through the Have Fun Teaching website or your downloads for the Alphabet Stories reading comprehension worksheets. They are all included in this paperback workbook!

This workbook includes 1 story for each letter of the alphabet. Each story contains letter-specific words to practice letters, phonics, and reading comprehension. Stories vary in difficulty and are perfect for Preschool, Kindergarten, and First Grade.

Other resources to use with this Alphabet Reading Comprehension Workbook Paperback

If your students are working on reading comprehension, you may want to teach them how to use graphic organizers.

Use these graphic organizers for your students to practice multiple reading comprehension strategies with these passages.

This workbook is ready for immediate student use. You no longer have to search for high quality reading comprehension passages. You already have it! It can become part of your morning work or homework. Since this workbook comes with answer keys, you could even teach students how to check their own work.

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